Anti-Communist Sources #2

Free Resources

The resources found on this page can be read for free by clicking the links below.  Some are downloadable in PDF and others are in the form of online books.
I recommend that you download and save these or print them off for later use.

Manning Johnson

An African-American turned Communist, who after 10 years completely rejected Communism.  He is important for several reasons.  He was sent to Moscow and trained at the “Lenin School for Political Warfare”.  Upon completion of this school, he was sent back to the USA to begin his activity as a communist subversive and agitator.  He became one of the highest ranking Communists in the United States.  After he rejected communism, he wrote a powerful book exposing the tactics, strategies, and goals of the communists in the United States- “Color, Communism, and Common Sense”– available for free in an online format (see the link below).  He also testified before the US Congress on communist goals and operations in the US.  His testimony was entered into Congressional record.

“Tortured for Christ”– Rev Richard Wurmbrand

The true story of a pastor who endured torture in Romania under Communist rule.  If, When, someone attempts to tell you how Socialism and Religion are compatible, show them this book.  This is a must read for believers of any religion who wish to understand “Religious Tolerance” as proposed by the political left. 80 pages.  Large Font.  It’s an easy read.

Discover the Networks

This is an awesome website, run in part by David Horowitz, a self-described former communist.  He has rejected communism and has now dedicated a good portion of his life to exposing communism and its’ variant ideologies.  He is also Jewish, and spends a good amount of time discussing the dangers of Islam.  If you decide to visit his site(s), grab some popcorn and a notebook, you’re going to want to take notes.