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Inside of every Progressive, is a Totalitarian screaming to get out.*

A small group of scientists that support the now debunked idea of “Climate Change”, wrote and signed a letter dated September 1, 2015 to the President of the US, the US Attorney General and the OSTP Director, asking them to charge “anti-climate change” opponents under US RICO statutes.

This idea, as mentioned in this 2 page letter, originates with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) in May of 2015.

Using a tactic that has been labeled “lawfare” which I define as “using a legal system to punish, prevent, or promote a particular ideology, or to compromise or destroy an ideological opponent by using the legal system as an offensive weapon.”  Instead of using the legal system as intended in Western Culture, as a form of dispensing or protecting justice, leftists are using the system to destroy opponents.  For example- using the legal system to bankrupt an opponent as they try to pay court costs, attorney fees, and other expenses that are related to combating a lawsuit.  A good example is when a lawsuit is filed against a local school district.  Often times a local school board will relent to the demands of the party filing the lawsuit because the local school district can not afford to pay for the legal fees to defend themselves against the charges filed against them.  So, the legal system has been used as a bludgeon by the left to force individuals and institutions into compliance with the Progressive Agenda.

My point is this- here is a group of scientists asking the leadership of the US Federal Government to attack their ideological opponents.  Using a legal statute that was designed to combat Organized Crime, not academics with opposing ideas of science.

It seems that the Soviet Union, which murdered tens of millions of its own citizens who opposed their political and scientific ideas, may have ceased to exist as a nation-state.  Sadly, it’s spirit of brute force and forced compliance is still alive.

How long until the body count resumes?

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